In a world where you're feeling the pressure to have a perfect life, perfect relationships, great kids, fulfilling work, earn more customers, learn on the fly and still manage to live a life full of your other responsibilities, you really can't just sign up for someone's one size fits all program because let's face it --one size just doesn't fit all.  

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We're mothers, wives, entrepreneurs, and strategists helping the family unit succeed from the inside out. 

Monique is a communications expert and has helped hundreds of people improve the quality of their relationships. She's taught over 2000+ adults, trained leaders at Fortune 100 companies, consulted at Equifax, Verizon, the Center for Disease Control and shared the public speaking stage with international speakers like Lisa Nichols. 

Nkoyo is an attorney and educational consultant equipping parents in educational and school matters on discipline and special education. If warranted, she provides legal representation so parents never have to feel alone. 

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Now and in the Future

  • Win at Work and at Home

    Learn mindset perspectives and communication strategies that create love, respect and appreciation in your family.

  • Thrive and Flourish in Relationships

    Learn communication tools to cultivate the connection you desire and deserve by applying strategy with intention.

  • Unleash Kids' Unique Potential

    Learn how to advocate for the best educational experience for your child because one size does not fit all.

Audio Curriculum

Training you can listen to on the go!


In less than 2 hours, you will turbo boost your communication skills in your family. If you implement just ONE strategy, you will enhance the quality of your relationships. What's it worth to you to have meaningful relationships in your family?

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