I feel Disrespected, Overlooked, and Passed Over.

I am not engaged. I just put in the bare minimum.

You may not have heard these terms said at work, but some of your employees are feeling them. You notice gaining buy-in is becoming harder. Gossip has found a comfortable place. Manipulation and passive aggressive behavior have long overstayed their welcome, and you may have one, or two high performing producers contributing to this toxic environment.

You see this and wonder what you can do to help everyone can get the most out of their day at work.

You need Emotional intelligence for the Practical Leader Online Training

Research shows that people with high emotional intelligence produce more in sales, have good interpersonal relationships, work well in teams and make great hires. In fact, hiring managers focus more on Emotional Intelligence rather than IQ when they are looking to promote employees. The World Economic Forum lists Emotional Intelligence as a critical skill needed by 2020.

This Course Fosters Positive Relationships

It's no secret that group training builds stronger cultures, boosts employee morale and builds trust. This course helps your employees foster appreciation and diversity of strengths while reducing conflict.

What You Will Learn

The EI for the Practical Leader Online Course is a self-paced online training designed to help your employees communicate effectively and get the respect they deserve at work. This training teaches leaders and their teams in 6 hours, simple and practical steps to communicate effectively, maximize productivity and be a well thought of, and respected leader.

  • How to develop emotional awareness to improve your social skills

  • How to develop rapport and connect with others

  • How to identify the conditions you work best in

  • How to communicate effectively to improve your relationships

  • How to identify what signals you are giving off to others


  • Monique Russell

    Instructor Title

    Monique Russell

    Monique Russell has been in the field of communications all of her life. She is the founder and managing partner of Clear Communications Solutions, LLC, where she teaches effective communication strategies to leaders in a variety of business sectors. As a communications expert, she has taught thousands of leaders globally and has consulted for government agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and for fortune 100 companies such as Verizon, Intel, and Equifax. She has worked with institutions of higher education in the areas of diversity, cultural sensitivity, public speaking, and communications. Monique has appeared as a guest on business local and international radio shows, and she's been quoted in publications as a subject matter expert in the areas of leadership and effective communications. She received her Master of Science degrees in Communications from St. Cloud State University in Saint Cloud, Minnesota, and is a trained DiSC facilitator and Certified Life Coach.

Raving Fans

Bill Affeldt, PMP

The PMI event was graced with a wonderful speaker, Monique who presented on Navigating the Workplace Successfully through Leadership and Communication. Since 60 - 70% of a Project/Program Manager's responsibilities include communication, it is imperative that clear, concise information is transmitted and that the right message is heard and understood.

Dr. Deborah Johnson-Blake

Monique Russell's unique style of engaging the audience and providing relevant information was priceless. I enjoyed her workshop and the opportunity to interact with other participants. If you ever need a communication faciliator, Monique Russell is the professional to hire!

Michael Flowers, Director, Department of Agriculture

Thank you, Monique, for providing the Department of Agriculture with invaluable insights and unifying our team around our strategic vision. We look forward to connecting with you again!

Judy Miller, AIWN President

Personality plus! AIWN was delighted to host Monique Russell as our expert speaker. Her strong message to our professional women was right on point, stressing just how to speak and be heard with confident and clear communication. She inspired us with good strategy to boost our leadership skills while taking our business to the next level. I highly recommend Monique to any professional group looking for a great speaker.

Felix Hernandez, PMP-ITIL

If you ever need DiSC or Emotional Intelligence training, check out Monique Russell. I just went through one of her seminars and it was phenomenal. One of the best I've gone through in quite some time. Five Stars!!

Course curriculum


  • When does the course start and finish?

    The course starts as soon as you enroll. You get immediate access. You will pay in full, one payment of $497. It is a completely self-paced online course and you get to decide when you start and finish. You are encouraged to dedicate time to complete every activity to get the most out of this course. There are 6+ hours of material as part of the course, but you can space it over three to four weeks. You will be granted access for 90 days.

  • Who is this course for?

    This course is for leaders who: are looking for practical ways to empower their team to get the most out of their day at work; want to build and inspire their team from the ground up; and those who want to build and sustain a healthy team environment. Whether you are a busy professional who feels disengaged and wants to reactivate meaning at work, or a leader who wants to establish joint and shared accountability, this course will stimulate and activate levels of your self-awareness.

  • How is this course different from other courses?

    This course is for the practical leader and team. Many emotional intelligence courses are designed for those seeking an academic credential and focus heavy on theoretical research, or are focused on the neuroscience, which is really fascinating. This course; however, is not too technical, and not too theoretical. It’s just right. You won’t be exploring terms like the verbal cortex, amygdala, optimal cognitive functioning, ganglio or other medical terminology, I promise. You will be guided with activities and reflections you can implement in every day practice.

  • This is the only EI online course where you are encouraged to utilize the content in a team setting to sustain the learning. This course is designed to provide education, stimulate reflection and thought, and empower you to have the necessary and crucial conversations about what you learned at work. It is the only online EI course designed to sustain the learning through team building conversations where you can complete the course and integrate activities into everyday practice.

  • What skills do I need to succeed in this course?

    Employers are looking for people who can communicate with others well and a big part of that is getting to know yourself. You need an open mind, positive attitude and a commitment to get the most out of this course.

  • What if I am unhappy with the course?

    We have a track record of delivering high-quality training for more than ten years and work hard to create a satisfying learning experience for all students of the Clear Communication Institute. However, if you enroll and decide our school is not for you, simply cancel your enrollment within the first 5 days.

  • How do I implement this in my company?

    To make launching and administering the program as simple as possible, we provide support along the way. This includes an onboarding virtual training designed to answer questions, and provide recommendations on implementing the program. Program tracking is available for groups. Call 706-963-0322, or email leadership@clearcommunicationsolutions.com to set your company up today.


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